World first performance of “PUNKT-LINIE-FLÄCHE” (new TRIOVERSION) for Flute (also Bassflute), Violin and Viola and “MÉMORIAL”(new TRIOVERSION) for Flute (also Bassflute), Violin and Viola on July 4th 2013, University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig, Germany with the famous modern art ensemble, Berlin on 6 p.m. Thanks to Martin Weller for the very fine Organisation of the concert.

Bernfried E.G. Proeve For any Information about the newest World first performances write a mail to:proeve@masterarts.de,

World first performance of the 4th Organ Symphonie on september 22nd in the Bruedernchurch, Braunschweig.Tickets:€8.-/5.- Concert series:”KLANGQUELLEN ST.ULRICI-BRUEDERN-DEVELOPEMENT OF GERMAN ORGAN MUSIC.
Organists:Kantor Bernhard Schneider-Organist:Bernfried E.G.Pröve
“CULTURAL BRUNCH” with the DUO TRÁNSICION” -flute and guitar in the famous NEW YORKER MUSISCHE ACADEMIE, Neustadtring 9, Brunswik sunday 6th october 2013 at 11 o clock Tickets:€ 13.- Tel:0049-177-6661777 Enjoy.

Get free tickets under mail: proeve@masterarts.de  Concert with the Duo Tsuyuki-Rosenboom-NEW YORKER MUSISCHE ACADEMIE on Saturday,November 2nd 2013 8 p.m. Neustadtring 9, Braunschweig-World first performance of “”DIALOGE” for two pianos Tickets:€8.-/ €5.- Tel:0049-177-6661777.ENJOY THE CONCERTS. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send your mail to: proeve@masterarts.de to get free press-tickets.All Infos:www.proeve.net